Sunflower Love

“July turned into August without making a sound. The giant flowers turned their blossoms toward heaven. They followed the sun….”  Liz Curtis Higgs


Violets & Hugs

My granddaughter gave these to me with one of her big happy smiles and hugs. What sweet memories violets evoke of when I did the same for my mom and grandma. What a blessing to share and know that these are eternal memories because love was shared. Have a wonderful May!web-9988

Not going to sulk…

Life is hard and we all feel it, experience it, and would like to run, hide, or just sulk. I fully admit to brooding and entertaining gloom over the news, a health issue, or relational strain. My faith and confidence is bolstered by a good song, a hearty hug, sound words, a comfort meal,  or a restful sleep. The image below was taken on a windy, cloudy, 33 degree day on a brief “therapy walk”. These remind me of the spunk and defiance we all need sometimes to shine brightly, to dance in the wind, and to allow our hearts to be filled with thanksgiving and pleasure. So here they are, the tender creation of One so much greater who knew just what I needed today. (And maybe, you as well) WM fb-9309