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Senior Session Tips

Thank you for booking your session with Carrol’s Creations & Photography. Below you will find some tips and reminders for your special day.

*Sleep – Try to get a lot of REST the night before your shoot. Don’t stress over it; trust me – we’re going to have a great time together!

*Make sure everyone EATs before your session

* Skin – AVOID SUNBURN! It’s bad for you anyway!

* Acne – Don’t worry about having a few blemishes! Mild acne will be removed during retouching.

* Hair – Don’t try a new hairstyle the morning of your session. Play around in the weeks beforehand to see what works and what doesn’t. Avoid fresh haircuts as well.

*Makeup – Wear what you usually wear. Please use care while applying eye makeup (eye liner, mascara), as your eyes will be the focal point of many of your photos.

* Nails – Your hands will be showing in many of your photos. Be sure that if your nails are painted, the polish is not chipped. Clean hands and nails a must 

*Shaving – I know it may seem obvious, but don’t forget to shave your legs and underarms if they may be seen in photos.
*Glasses – If you wear glasses, please see your optometrist about loaning you a pair without lenses, or have your lenses removed for your session. If this is not an option, I will do my best to avoid glass glare. Please, no transition lenses.
* Braces – Braces will not be removed in post processing.

* Scars/Birth marks/severe acne – Scars/birth marks will be removed only at your request. Please tell me at the time of your session what your preference is.
* A standard portrait session includes one outfit and I recommend accessories like jackets, scarves, etc. that can be added or removed for a different look. Also, if you plan on hanging these images, be thinking of colors that fit your personality and your home décor.

*You’ll want to wear what you normally wear, but “kicked up a notch”.
Matching is out. Coordinating is in!

*Dress appropriately for the weather the day of your shoot.
* Try your clothing on in advance to be sure it fits comfortably and is flattering. Bend over, sit down, etc. and make sure that you don’t have skin showing where it shouldn’t be
* Make sure each piece of clothing is clean and wrinkle-free.
* Regarding clothing colors; dark colors are slimming (avoid Neon)
* Avoid horizontal stripes, loud patterns, and shirts with writing or big logos on the front.
* If you wear a “strappy” dress or light-colored clothing, be sure to wear or bring the appropriate undergarments that will not show in your photos.

My recommendation for shoes are: boots, leather sandals, and shoes avoiding character shoes and sneakers of all kinds. Barefoot is always and option

What to BRING….
* Props – I LOVE props and especially welcome the ones that are a part of who you are. They can add so much to a photo and give it more of a story. Feel free to bring blankets, a special chair or even a vehicle but please try to let me know in advance if you will be bringing props so that I can come up with some really creative ideas on how to showcase you with them!
* Your wardrobe changes, of course! Go through EVERYTHING one more time before leaving the house to make sure you’ve got it all. Make sure you bring shoes for every outfit! * Touch-up stuff – lip balm, lipstick, powder, hairspray, etc

Let’s Keep in Touch
Please email and/or text me your questions and also ideas and images of your outfits if you like. My cell is 618-581-9701